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  • Coach Kam

    I am from Ohio but go to UCCS here in Colorado Springs. I have a passion for sports and health. In my free time, I love to run! I've been playing soccer since I was five and have never gotten tired of it! I enjoy being able to share my love and passion for the game with all of our little players here at Soccer Buddies!
  • Coach Adam

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Ahnia

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  • Coach Ambree

    I am from Colorado Springs however I learned to play soccer at 10 years old in Bavaria, Germany. With teams like FC Bayern to motivate me, I really took a liking to the sport. I believe sports play a vital role in each child’s life by developing life long skills and passions. Soccer Buddies gives a special opportunity for young children to gain confidence on the ball in a very supportive and enthusiastic environment. Working at Soccer Buddies and teaching the children gives me so much joy.
  • Coach Angela

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Ava

    Hey hey! I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life but I moved cities in 2016. I enjoy art or journaling, anything expressive. I used to play soccer but I don’t anymore, however I still enjoy it very much! Especially when I’m playing with the kids. Their energy and positivity is the most refreshing and exciting part about my day! I want the kids to have fun and enjoy being at Soccer buddies just as much as I do!
  • Coach Brandon (MI)

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  • Coach Brooke B.

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  • Coach Caelyn

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  • Coach Calvin (MI)

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  • Coach Cam

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  • Coach Christian

    I was born and raised in Aurora Colorado, I am 16 years old and a sophomore in highschool. I have played soccer since I was in the 6th grade after playing a little of baseball and football. I play soccer for Eaglecrest Highschool where I also go to school. I found soccer buddies through my mom because shes works and plays at Arapahoe sports center since I was very little. I really enjoy my time working for them, I love my coworkers because all of them are amazing and have amazing personalities, and I especially love the kids that I get to see.
  • Coach Clare

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  • Coach Colin

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  • Coach Colton

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  • Coach Cyan

    I am from Colorado but often find myself encountering on a new adventure where ever I go. Though I love to travel, I love soccer just as much. Being able to share my passion and love for soccer with your kiddo is a wonderful experience. At Soccer Buddies, the love and fun of soccer brings families, kids, and staff together. As we have grown to create a community, being a coach at soccer buddies is something I love being apart of
  • Coach David

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Dan

    I lived all over the place, from Costa Rica, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, and even Mexico! I played soccer all of my life, and in college at Northwest University in Washington.

    I love that Soccer Buddies kids get a chance to play soccer while also being able to use their imaginations! And I love to coach because I get to be a kid!

    My favorite Soccer Buddies game is the Crab Game.

  • Coach Dessire

    I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, but have lived in Colorado Springs for 15 years now.

    I have played soccer since I was five years old, played varsity soccer all four years in high school. I love to be outside and active all around.

    What I love most about Soccer Buddies is that this is not just a job or company we are a family. Everyone who works for Soccer Buddies genuinely cares about what this company stands for and impacting children in a positive way. I have never been a part of something that I was so proud to say I’m involved with. I could talk about the benefits of Soccer Buddies for days. Another thing that I really love is that the company really makes a difference in the lives of the kids that participate. My son has been coming to Soccer Buddies for a couple years now and when he first started he would not talk to anyone. Hiding behind my leg is where he would stay, but after going and meeting the coaches and seeing how much other people cared, he started opening up much faster. Now I can't get him to stop talking about Soccer Buddies and Julie.

    What I love about coaching is that I'm not just a coach to the kids and parents, I become friends with them. I love being able to be another positive influence in their lives, I normally coach the youngest classes and seeing how much they grow and develop during sessions is like being a proud mother watching their child walk for the first time. All the kids are always so happy to see you and seeing the joy in their faces is priceless. No amount of money could take the place of the joy that fills my heart when I see the kids so happy and being active.

    I love all the games we have, but if I had to pick my favorite one it would have to be Bears in the Forest. The kids’ imaginations just run wild when we are traveling through the forest to help feed Buddy the bear. Allowing children to let their imaginations run free is a such a great feeling.

  • Coach Dylan (MI)

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Elizabeth

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  • Coach Emily (MI)

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Emma

    I LOVE Soccer Buddies. I found Soccer Buddies by chance and it has changed my life. I have been with Soccer Buddies for three years now and it is the BEST place to be. I love being able to build a genuine relationship with my kids and have fun out on the field with a soccer ball. Watching your kids grow not only in skill but confidence is unbelievable. I can not wait to see YOU out on the field!
  • Coach Erin

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Esai

    My name is Esai Hernandez or better known as Coach E. I was born in Kingsville Texas, but my father was in the military so we moved around a lot. I’ve live in Colorado three times, Texas twice, and Germany. I grew up playing football and basketball. Once I was in high school I played football, volleyball, rugby, soccer, and basketball. My favorite foods are tacos, ribs, soup, and spaghetti. I love to hike, play soccer, hang out with friends and family, and enjoy time working out. I coached high school varsity soccer for both boys and girls for four years and have been with soccer buddies since 2017. Coaching is one of my passions and being able to see every single kid/parent smile and laugh is what I coach for. I’m currently in the process to become a police officer for Colorado Springs and am working on going back to school in the fall of 2020.
  • Coach Ethan

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  • Coach Grace

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  • Coach Hayden

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Hunter

    Hi my name is Hunter! I am a singer/guitarist and I do graphic design for businesses in my free time. My top priority in life is family. I have multiple cousins who have been coming to Soccer Buddies since they were about 1. I just got out of high school and I'm still doing what I can to figure out what I want to do with my life. (Aren't we all?) What I do know is that my passion is working with kids. I really love working for Soccer Buddies because they remove the stresses of usual youth sports. I did a dozen different sports when I was younger and I got burned out of all of them because of stressful social situations, lack of confidence in my own abilities, and honestly just bad coaches. Sports in general are so amazing for kids and I want to help them realize just how fun they can be! My favorite things about being a kids soccer coach is that I can play a part in showing kids what it's like to work hard for what you want and what disappointment is and how to work with it to better yourself. Sports can carry kids through the hard parts of growing up. They are our future and I want to help in being a positive role model in their lives.
  • Coach James

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  • Coach John

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  • Coach Kaila (MI)

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  • Kate Ford

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Laura

    Hey to all my “Soccer Buddies!” I’m Coach Laura. I grew up in Reston, Virginia.
    I love soccer, skiing, biking, painting and being outside! I am a mom of 2 boys (ages 4 &2) and was a special education teacher. I’ve been coaching and teaching kids for over 10 years and have found a home with Soccer Buddies. This program allows kids to learn fundamental skills while having fun. Every season you get to watch your kids confidence grow and performance get better and better.
  • Coach Lauren

    Hi, I’m Coach Lauren and I LOVE kids! I grew up here in Colorado with three older siblings and three younger siblings. I have been coaching with Soccer Buddies for 1 year this May, and I have learned so much from my fantastic co-coaches! My favorite part about coaching is watching the kids grow together as well as individually with each class. There is no better feeling than to know you you are helping a child learn not only soccer skills, but also social skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. I also have lots of experience coaching kids with special needs.
  • Coach Makenna

    Growing up, I played nearly every sport imaginable that a girl could. Whether it was soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, track, or dance, I was definitely the athlete of the family. I started playing soccer here in Colorado Springs at the age of four and will continue playing throughout college at UCCS, as soccer has become the only sport I have a passion for! Coaching at Soccer Buddies is such a great opportunity for me to stay involved with my community in the best way possible, sharing my love for the game with all of these other little players that are ready to learn and have bundles of fun! My favorite game we play here at Soccer Buddies is Birds Nest. I think it is so cool how much the kids love pretending to be birds and how they get touches on the ball when we try to "hatch the eggs".

  • Coach Mario

    I was born in Colorado Springs and have lived here all my life. I am a Senior Engineering student at UCCS studying for my Bachelors of Science with a Major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Aerospace Engineering. I am an avid hockey fan (Go Avs), and I have been in love with soccer my whole life. I played soccer as a child, along with basketball. I discovered Soccer buddies when searching for a second job in my junior year of college. I have since grown very attached to the program and the work and service we provide to the youth of our community. Connecting with the kids, watching them grow and learn in their love and skill for soccer through the work we do is inspiring and truly an incredible experience. I've said to those closest to me that if I were able, I would be a coach for Soccerbuddies for free, because the smiles, laughs and experiences I get to share with the kids is extremely rewarding in itself.
  • Coach Marissa

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Matt (MI)

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Maya

    I am a Colorado native and have lived here my entire life. I love doing anything outside and hiking in the mountains. My favorite thing to do is play soccer, I've been playing ever since I can remember and have loved it since. I love the family that Soccer Buddies has developed, these kids love learning soccer and being around their coaches which makes me so happy. The relationships that we build with kids are so important and watching the kids grow and develop as people and players is so fun. I love being a part of it.
  • Coach Megan 2

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Mya

    I am a proud Colorado native and have lived in Aurora my whole life. I enjoy being in Colorado's nature, painting, playing guitar, trivia, and of course soccer. I started playing soccer when I was five and it has been a huge part of my life ever since. That's what I love about being a part of Soccer Buddies: I get to share this amazing sport with all the kids and watch it positively impact them the same way it impacted me. Through Soccer Buddies not only do the kids improve their soccer skills, but they also build their confidence, discipline, teamwork, imagination, and have tons of fun! It is awesome to be able to watch and help the kids learn and improve as we explore the adventure of playing soccer.
  • Coach Nicholas

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Noelle

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Rachel

    I was born and raised in Midlothian, Texas, and am a graduate of Midlothian High School. My husband and I met in high school, and moved out here to Colorado at 19 years old when he received his first duty station with the Air Force.
    I played club soccer for 8 years and competed in powerlifting for 3; I was also the assistant coach for a boys soccer team for 6 years. I'm working on my Kinesiology degree and am EMT certified in the state of Colorado, with Wilderness Advanced First Aid certification, as well as other forms of first aid training.
    The joy Soccer Buddies and all of my kids and their families bring me is immeasurable. This program is truly like no other. For us to be able to support and aid in the growth of our kiddos, as athletes and humans, is amazing and something I will never take for granted. I love Soccer Buddies and am so beyond grateful to be a part of this growing family.
  • Coach Roger

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Sam (MI)

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Scott

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Sean

    I have lived in Colorado Springs for about 10 years and been lucky enough to be apart of the Soccer Buddies family for over 8 yeas. I coach soccer and wrestling at The Classical Academy and continue to work with Soccer Buddies as it develops dynamic growth in kids abilities and provides safe and fun social interaction around the game of Soccer. I started playing at a young age myself and it has been a large part of my life. My wife, Jodie and I have been married for 5 years and we met playing soccer!!

    I am excited to be able to allow your kids the outlet to play, learn and grow here at Soccer Buddies!
  • Coach Shannon

    I am a native Coloradan. I am currently a student at UCCS studying nursing, in hopes of becoming a pediatric nurse. I love getting the opportunity to coach at Soccer Buddies. My goal for all my classes is to promote teamwork and improve soccer skills through entertaining games. On the field, I aim to create an environment for fun, learning, and laughter. Throughout the season I am excited to see kids build confidence and knowledge in soccer.
  • Coach Shayla

    Bio coming soon
  • Tana Stevens

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Therese

    Bio coming soon
  • Coach Tom

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  • Coach Will

    Bio coming soon